Do you have a contingency plan? 

Are you prepared for coronavirus disruption?

Talk about Covid-19, aka Coronavirus, is in the news, on our lips, in our social media feed, and on our minds.

It’s also on the minds of people running companies, preparing for when staff may be cut in half as the virus runs its course.

Is it on YOUR mind? 

It should be. Demand for your services may go up just as your staff is out sick. Attendance at exhibits and shows will decline. Staff will request working from home. Your special event may need to be cancelled.

This article in Inc. magazine focuses on how businesses are planning to cope with the disruption, but the message needs to be heard by nonprofits as well: Supply Stashes, Temperature Checks, and Coronavirus ‘Czars’: How Companies Are Preparing to Keep Employees Healthy and Business Strong

Now is the time for boards and executives to focus on how you will cope as the virus spreads. If it turns out you don’t need your contingency plan, that’s even better. And now you’ll have one for the future.

Do you have a contingency plan? Are you carving out time to plan for a potential epidemic? Share it! And if you see an article you think everyone should read, please send it on.

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Susan Detwiler