Retreat Facilitation

Susan crafted an all day meeting to help build our administrative team’s focus on critical issues necessary to move our school forward.  Everyone present participated fully.  No one noticed we had gone significantly overtime until Susan mentioned it, and no one minded.  That meeting is still rated as the best one we have ever had.

Eliyahu Teitz

Head of School, Jewish Educational Center

Are your retreats memorable?

Retreats bring together individuals who care deeply about your work for substantive, generative discussions. We lead these discussions to concrete next steps.

Having all your talent in one place is an opportunity for bringing out the unique qualities of each individual and letting them learn from and with each other.

At The Detwiler Group, we believe that retreats are an opportunity for creating a whole that is more than the sum of the parts. We facilitate small and large group discussions around specific issues, listen intently to the conversations, and ask questions to tease out deeper issues and exciting ideas.

As part of each facilitation, we include a module on next steps. Timing and accountability are built in, so you can tweak the steps and celebrate milestones.

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