Resource Development

Many thanks to you for setting us on the road to success. I am now doing my annual development plan every year and looking at everything as part of our total fundraising plan. Thanks for all the support!

Naomi Bacharach

Gottesman RTW Academy

The community you serve has resources beyond dollars; fundraising is one part of raising the resources you need to accomplish your mission.

Because dollars can easily translate into other resources, fundraising becomes the default when organizations talk about resource development. Yet resources come in many forms: people, buildings, office supplies, goodwill…..

At The Detwiler Group, we believe that fundraising is important, but only one part of building the resources you need to run your organization and build your future.

We conduct capital campaigns when you seek to build; we also educate your board on raising the friends necessary for raising funds. We help you analyze the needs that underlie the need for fundraising, and we help you engage the community and peer organizations to discover resources that can be shared. If the resources aren’t available, we help you develop a fundraising plan that coordinates with your communications and friendraising.

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