Strategic Planning

Susan has been instrumental in two strategic planning sessions that I attended on behalf of two boards of which I am a member. She helps to keep planning sessions from getting stuck and really helps you think things through. I would recommend her to any organization.

Jesse Reeves

SmartDrive, and Montessori Works

Are your strategic plans exciting?

Plans succeed when they excite the organization, the board, and the community they serve. We work with you to ground your plans in the future.

Many organizations plan to do what they’re doing right now, only better. Perhaps differently, expanded, better funded, or better staffed, but still based on what exists. Their strategic plans are good, but rarely transformative.

What if you planned for the future you want to see happen?


At The Detwiler Group, we believe that starting with the end-point allows you to visualize what has to happen in order to get there. Each goal is seen as a step toward that future. Every strategy is measured against progress toward that future.


We start with the future, understand the present, and build the scaffold to go from one to the other. Timing and accountability are built in so you can tweak the steps and celebrate the milestones.


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This is the best strategic plan I have ever seen. It is practical and useful!

David G. Burton

Board Member, Music School of Delaware, Owner - I.g. Burton and Company