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We believe that aligning plans with vision, values and resources creates a sustainable path toward achieving great things… for your organization and for the community you serve.

Strategic Planning

Plans succeed when they excite the organization, the board, and the community they serve. We work with you to ground your plans in the future.

Retreat Facilitation

Retreats bring together individuals who care deeply about your work for substantive, generative discussions. We lead these discussions to concrete next steps.

Board Education

Each board member adds unique expertise and experience to your organization. Our board education brings these unique individuals to a shared knowledge base.

Resource Development

The community you serve has resources beyond dollars; fundraising is one part of raising the resources you need to accomplish your mission.


We are committed to bringing out the best in organizations by bringing out the best in the board, staff, volunteers and community.

The Detwiler Group:

  • Helps organizations craft actionable strategic plans aligned with their vision, mission and values
  • Facilitates retreats and meetings that bring out the best in the board, staff and community
  • Educates board and staff on their roles in ensuring success.

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Virtual Meeting Tips

Social distancing and still having board meetings is possible. How about having that meeting “Virtually In-Person.”

Click here for simple guidance for creating an interactive video conference for your board or team.

Susan designed an outstanding program – engaging, full of discussion, and extremely helpful. Susan is wonderful to work with too – a true professional in every sense of the word. Thank you, Susan!

Director, Longwood Fellows Program

Susan’s pragmatic consultant approach delivers results time and time again particularly in the arts and culture arenas. DAAs strategic plan covering 2016-2018 reflects her thorough and down to earth approach. A concise and working document that guides the organizations decisions on daily basis are a testament of a job well done.

[Former] Director, Delaware Art Alliance

Thanks to Susan’s wealth of experience and expert advice, I was able to effectively manage the organization and realize numerous accomplishments that heretofore were merely dreams. I have nothing but praise and heartfelt gratitude for Susan Detwiler who has so greatly contributed to our organization’s development, my professional growth, and the ever-increasing smiles on the faces of the students and families we serve.

Executive Director, Wilmington Youth Jazz Band

Proud Member Of:

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