When you reach out to The Detwiler Group, we find the right experts for your project. First we listen. Then together we determine the skills and expertise you need, whether it’s helping your board envision the future, raise the funds for a new building, or develop an administrative environment that aligns with your mission, and helps you create the world you believe is possible. Each of our experts are independent contractors who are ready to bring their skills and experience to your project. Their range of experience is broad. Some come from the for-profit world, others have experience in nonprofit and government management. Some are known for their fundraising skills, others are experienced in writing and reviewing grant proposals. Each of our experts shares the conviction that nonprofit organizations are community benefit organizations. All of our work is based on the premise that everything we do affects our community. This shared conviction and our breadth of experience allows us to learn from each other, opening us up to new ways of looking at our clients and community’s needs. With eyes and ears wide open, we listen to you and consider how we can best approach the project at hand.