Board Education

I like Susan because she can synthesize the different view points and complexities of our board – into simple and easy to understand pieces. She has been willing to have follow up calls to discuss points of confusion. She is a great facilitator and keeps folks on task during retreats.

Sheila Bravo

Rehoboth Art League

Do all your board members understand their role?

Each board member adds unique expertise and experience to your organization. One director may have extensive board experience, while another is new to the role. One may have experience in arts organizations; another in social services. One may be a lawyer; another a teacher.

In today’s society, we have individuals in their twenties interacting with individuals in their seventies. They bring different viewpoints and skills to your board.


Boards that have a shared understanding of their role can by-pass a lot of the friction that occurs when members disagree. Civil, substantive discussions occur; decisionmaking is based on agreed-upon parameters.


Our board education brings these unique individuals to a shared knowledge base. New member orientation, followed by regular board education around specific topics, is professional development for directors and trustees.


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