Workshops & Public Speaking

Do you need to get many people together on the same page, learning the same things, coming together around an idea or process?

We offer several workshops geared to nonprofit and community benefit organizations. Each workshop is customized to the audience, and other programs and workshops may be developed upon request. Let’s set up a time to talk about what you need.

A few samples of available workshops and programs:

Planning from the Future; Building from the Now

This highly interactive program leads participants in the concept of identifying the highest potential future, and reverse engineering that future to create a pathway there from the current situation. This program may be used to introduce a strategic planning process to an organization or to the board, staff or other constituents.

Questions that Interrupt Our Narrative

In every situation, our memories and life experiences cause us to make assumptions and tell ourselves a story that we’re often not even aware of.  Changing the questions we ask can interrupt that narrative and makes us more receptive to new ideas and the input of others. This engaging program allows participants to practice developing the questions that work for them, while giving them the science behind why some questions work better than others.

Listening as a Leadership Tool

According to Simon Sinek, Leaders need to understand they are not responsible for getting the work done. Leaders are responsible for supporting other peoples’ ability to get the work done. Listening is possibly the most important skill an individual can learn in order to know and understand the kind of support that others need. This workshop introduces the value of listening through personal experiences, and the iterative process of listening, evoking more input, and reframing the situation. Participants receive ample time to practice the process and apply it to relevant situations.

From Authority to Co-Creation

Community Engagement is more than a buzzword, and there is an entire continuum of involving community in planning new programs. What lessons were learned by Mark Zuckerberg and Cory Booker in their Newark, NJ education initiative? How can those lessons be applied in your community? What does it take to move from an authoritarian or patronizing modality to one of sincere co-creation?

The Engaged Board

Justin Pollock said, An involved board does what it’s asked.  An engaged board figures out what needs to be done and does it. What is engagement? What does it mean for your board to be engaged? What does it look like, and what conditions need to be in place for your board to be engaged? This workshop on board engagement allows each individual to examine their own ideas of engagement, and what they would need to feel engaged in anything – and especially in your organization.