• Did you read that article about risk leadership?
  • What about that museum that lost $11 million?
  • How did that agency get the government to move the needle big time?

Being able to reference new research – or outrageous nonprofit behavior – is a great way to engage board members. It’s a fresh entre’ to talking about the ramifications of changes all around us.

Find an article that is intriguing to YOU, and see where it leads your board.

That said, it’s sometimes hard to know how to stay on top of innovations in nonprofits; or what changes in society mean for your institution. There is an abundance of sources for nonprofit news, and numerous blog posts and articles by people who spend their time analyzing the effect of the world on the world of nonprofits. Some do it so engagingly, that it takes you a moment to realize how profound their message is.

How do you find them? Which ones are important to pay attention to? As one leader asked,

“Is there one place where they’re all brought together?”

Well, this list is not exhaustive, but it does include some consistently good sources in the nonprofit world, suggested by practitioners who work around the globe.

Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

This page has just been updated, and includes the sources for many of the articles I use in teaching about nonprofit leadership, governance and planning. Following them keeps me up-to-date on nonprofit news, and sparks ideas on what it means for my clients.

Check it out, find an article that interests you, and explore it with your board. See where the conversation leads. You might be surprised by engaged board members.

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