A remarkable event occurred in the Fall of 2013, that demonstrates the power of a community coming together to embark on a new venture.

The community foundation in a rural Pennsylvania county decided it wanted to build capacity in its community. Acknowledging that there is wisdom beyond its own borders, they invited colleagues from far and near to a two-day conversation led by the organization, Creating the Future.creating the future logo

Before you read the blog post about that conversation, I invite you to envision what your community would be like if you, your organization, and your sister organizations, as well as each of your organizations’ supporters and suppliers, all had the same vision for your community. Now add in each of your organizations’ funders. Now add in the local and state government.

What could you accomplish together?Change Montage 2

It takes reframing how you envision working together. Read what they did here in Building Community Capacity.

And join me next week at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations/Creating the Future Conference: The Power of WE.


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