What does it take to build inclusion instead of diversity?

I started this weekend with a tentative blog post, but when I watched this video I was blown away. I have to share it.

This conversation among inclusion and leadership consultants Desiree Lynn Adaway and Ericka Hines, facilitated by Creating the Future founder, Hildy Gottlieb, is one of the most impactful and inspirational conversations I’ve watched. At an hour long (less if you listen at 1.25X), it is both thought provoking and inspiring….and a little daunting to contemplate.

  • What does it take to move a company, a house of worship, a government department, a nonprofit organization, a community from giving lip service to diversity to being inclusive?
  • What does it make possible when you do make that move?
  • What do people need to understand, to be assured of, to feel, in order for them to make that move?

What would it make possible for your organization if YOU make that move? What would you need to have in place to make that possible?