When Consensus is a Bad Idea

Which is better - an idea that everyone agrees with, or one that's the result of conflict? That depends. It’s an interesting phenomenon. As human beings, we like being with people who agree with us. It’s comfortable. We know what others are thinking. Boards have an...

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Your Board Needs Fodder to Think Broader

Did you read that article about risk leadership? What about that museum that lost $11 million? How did that agency get the government to move the needle big time? Being able to reference new research – or outrageous nonprofit behavior – is a great way to engage board...

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Giving the Audience What They Seek

My colleague, Shoshana Fanizza, posted an interesting analogy in her blog, Specials for What They Buy.  Shoshana specializes in audience development for theatres and performing arts, but her insights are definitely relevant to more than cultural institutions. Her...

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