Build a More Engaged Board

Do your board members feel responsible to one another? Responsible to the organization should be a given. But do the board members feel responsible to each other? On two recent occasions, I asked board members of very different organizations “What does it look like...

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Are Old Tapes Hindering Group Progress?

It’s common parlance to refer to ‘the same old tape we play over in our heads.’ The phrase comes from the time (remember it?) when we used cassettes and 8-tracks to replay the same songs over and over again. It is a fitting metaphor for the implication, since the...

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Only One Resolution

Is this a familiar scenario? You follow up on every obligation to your boss, or your board chair, or your spouse. But when you vow to do something for yourself, it keeps moving to the bottom of the list. Promises to others are easy to keep. You want to help. They’re...

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Star Trek, Nonprofits and Ideals

I grew up on Star Trek – not just the show, but the idealistic vision of a future in which a United Federation of Planets could boldly go where no one has gone before, seeking out new life forms and new civilizations. Conquest was wrong. Help was right. People got...

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The Leverage to Move Really Big Things

“That’s the way things are always done.” “It’s too big to move.” “It’s too hard to change.” We hear these statements all the time. The group comes up with a lofty goal, and the naysayers start their work. We don’t have enough staff to do that. The ship is already...

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