Let’s Cheat a Little More

Traveling from Wilmington to NYC is a great time to catch up on reading, and I used it to absorb an interesting mix of articles. Two apparently very different articles stood out as having a lot to say about the same thing: leadership and diversity. Does Diversity Harm...

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Why Use a Facilitator?

Board retreats, all-staff meetings, strategic planning, community convening - any time people get together to accomplish a goal, it’s important that the work gets done.   But getting the work of the meeting done doesn’t mean that the results of the meeting will get...

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How to Create a Culture of Board Education

It’s easy to dive into pressing board business immediately after bringing the meeting to order. Urgent matters float to the top of every agenda. But there’s a difference between urgent and important.  And the important stuff isn’t addressed until it becomes urgent....

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Build a More Engaged Board

Do your board members feel responsible to one another? Responsible to the organization should be a given. But do the board members feel responsible to each other? On two recent occasions, I asked board members of very different organizations “What does it look like...

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